Championship Sunday – June 24, 2018

North America’s largest and most prestigious dragon boat championship comes to a thrilling conclusion on Championship Sunday. Over 200 teams will compete on the historic False Creek course on the occasion of the Festival’s 30th anniversary in the divisional finals and Grand Final Championships. While the intensity of the races will captivate attendees, don’t miss the celebrations that start in the afternoon, as 25 medal events are contested, and as we recognize the efforts of these paddlers from around the world during medal ceremonies throughout the day.

Divisional and Grand Final Championships

The Grand Final Championships showcase the pinnacle of the sport. Grand Final Championships will be held in the Junior, Women’s, Open, and Mixed divisions. Within each division, only 9 teams will be able to compete for each 2018 Concord Pacific Grand Final Champion title. These races will leave you on the edge of your seat, but only if you’re still sitting; when races are decided by milliseconds, you’ll be on your feet cheering for your team as they race towards the finish line and glory.

Mixed Guts and Glory Grand Final   

One of the world’s largest 2,000 m races closes the Festival’s racing program, as 18 boats set out on the water for the Mixed Guts and Glory Grand Final. With boats racing at 10 second intervals, this race combines strength, strategy, and stamina in a race around the clock. Multiple turns and boats in close proximity make this one of the can’t-miss-races of the Festival.

The Medal Ceremonies

Celebrate the achievements of all of our paddlers in every division and final as we award the medals for the Festival. From paddlers in development divisions and finals, to the grand finals, we recognize their journey towards their achievements. The medal ceremonies will be the formal closing of the 30th Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival.

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