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June 22-24 2018 – FREE ADMISSION!

Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2018, the Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival is back on False Creek from June 22-24, 2018. Concord Pacific Place, Creekside Park, and the waters of False Creek come alive as an estimated 5,500 paddlers and 100,000 festival-goers converge for North America’s biggest, best, and most competitive racing festival at Vancouver’s #1 community event.

Blessed with a colourful Eye-dotting Ceremony, the festival begins with All Access Friday featuring the kick-off opening concert and opening races including the Barrier Free Canada Cup. The Festival continues on Saturday with International Saturday, featuring teams from around the world. Championship Sunday closes out the 30th anniversary of the Festival, featuring the pinnacle of the sport on False Creek. Three days of free, non-stop entertainment on the Main Stage, fabulous food, children’s activities, art installations, interactive circus performances, shopping, and of course, dragon boat racing of the highest caliber makes this the perfect way to kick off summer in Vancouver.


When and Where:

All Access Friday: Friday, June 22, 2018, 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
International Saturday: Saturday, June 23, 2018, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Championship Sunday: Sunday, June 24, 2018, 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Location: Concord Pacific Place, Creekside Park, and the waters of False Creek
Festival Entrances: 1455 Quebec Street (East entrance), Concord Pacific Place at Quebec and Pacific Avenue (North entrance)

Getting here

Relax and enjoy the ride! In the interests of the environment we encourage you to use public transportation when you visit the Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival:

Public Transit on Skytrain or Bus
We are located just a one minute walk from the Main Street-Science World Station or Stadium-Chinatown Station on the Expo/Millenium Lines, and a 10 minute walk from Olympic Village Station on the Canada Line. The first train on Saturday will get you to the site by 6:45am and the first train on Sunday, by 7:45am. If you’re taking the bus, hop on the #3 Main, #8 Fraser/Downtown, or the #19 Metrotown/Stanley Park. On the weekend these buses start running early and all stop just outside our front gate.

Go to to find the best transit route for your journey, call 604 953-3333, or go to

Bike lockup locations available outside Science World and Creekside Community Centre.

Very limited street parking may be found along Pacific Boulevard, Expo Boulevard, Quebec Street, Terminal Avenue, 1st Avenue, and Ontario Street.

At the Festival

Roaming the crowded Festival grounds while riding or walking your bike, wearing your roller blades or walking your dog can lead to frustration and possible injury. We strongly encourage you to please lock up your bike, remove your roller blades and leave your pup at home.


Washrooms: throughout site and at Creekside Community Centre on South-East corner of site
Baby Change Room: Creekside Community Centre
ATM Machines: TD Bank in Olympic Village, Scotiabank on 2nd, BMO/RBC on 4th, and Vancity at Main Street Skytrain.
Telephones: Creekside Community Centre
Festival Merchandise: Creekside Park
Water Stations: Concord Pacific Place by Main Stage and Creekside Community Centre
Food Trucks: Concord Pacific Place and Creekside Park

First Aid and Emergencies
Please contact any staff or volunteer with a radio on site for assistance.

2017 Site Map

All Access Friday - Friday June 22
Festival Site Opens3:00 pm
Visiting Team Welcome Party5:00 pm
Feature Race: All Access Cup6:00 pm
Feature Race: Survivor Showdown6:30pm
Festival Site Closed9pm
International Saturday - Saturday June 23
Heats and Seeding Races Begin8:00 am
Concord Pacific Fan Zone Open
Festival Site and Family Fun Zones Opens10:00 am
Main Stage Entertainment Begins11:00 am
Granville Island Brewing Beverage Garden Opens
Concord Pacific Champion Race Series1:30pm
Feature Race: Women's Guts and Glory Grand Final5:00 pm
Championship Sunday - Sunday, June 25
Semi-Final Races Begin8:00 am
Concord Pacific Fan Zone Opens
Festival Site and Family Fun Zones Opens10:00 am
Main Stage Entertainment Begins11:00 am
Granville Island Brewing Beverage Garden Opens
Feature Races: Divisional Finals and Grand Finals Begin12:00 pm
Medal Ceremonies Begin at Main Stage1:30pm
Featured Race: Mixed Guts and Glory Grand Final5:30 pm

Blessing Ceremony


Each year, the Festival honours the ancient Chinese traditions behind dragon boat racing with traditional Eye Dotting and Dragon Boat Blessing Ceremony. We invite priests and members of the congregation of the Evergreen Taoist Church to the waters of False Creek to conduct this ancient and colourful ritual.

The dragon boats – “dressed” with ornate dragon heads and tails – are lined up. The chanting begins. The priests invoke the Goddess of the Sea, the Saints and the Immortals through chanting, invocation and burning joss sticks. This cleanses and blesses the racecourse, the competitors and their boats and charges all with the strength of the dragon. The priests make offerings to the five elements and directions: joss sticks representing wood for the east, flowers representing metal for the west, candles representing fire for the south, water representing its elemental self for the north and fruit representing the earth for the centre.

Ancient Chinese dragon mythology has it that the dragon sleeps in the mountains, and travels to the water at the moment when the eyes of the dragon are dotted. Guest dignitaries assist in this rite, dipping brushes in pots of red cinnabar paint and dabbing the eyes on the boats’ dragon heads.

At the end of the ceremony the priests nourish and appease other souls that might be present by throwing them 18 coins and coloured beans representing the five elements and directions. Taoism is one of the world’s oldest religions, originating in ancient China. Members of the Evergreen Taoist Church are devotees of the Complete Reality School – Dragon Gate Sect and follow the teachings of the Immortals, master Lu Sun-Young, Master Wong Chung-Young and his disciple Master Yau Cheung-Chun.


Please join us for this engaging ritual:

When: TBA
Where: Dock at the foot of Ontario Street, north side of Creekside Community Centre.
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