Race Grids



Online Waivers and Rosters
This document contains information to electronically sign waivers and create rosters for each of our events.

Adult Team Waiver
This form should only be used if an entire team cannot sign their individual online waivers. If you have individuals that cannot sign an online waiver, they can read the waiver content online or at registration and sign the printed copy of each of the waivers you generate online from your team profile.

Junior Waiver
To be completed by each member of a junior team as well as their parent or guardian, prior to participation in a CIDBFS event.

Junior Team Roster
To be submitted by junior teams prior to participation in a CIDBFS event (all members of a team should be listed on one form).


These documents supersede any rules in the Race Information document.

Race Grids

2016 Saturday CPVDBF Race Grid V3

2016 Saturday CPVDBF Race Grid V4

2016 Saturday CPVDBF Race Grid V5 (Only one team affected)

2016 Sunday CPVDBF schedule (not race grid, see directly below for grid)

2016 Sunday Visiting Cup Grid

2016 Sunday Junior Semi Grid

2016 Sunday Women Semi Grid

2016 Sunday Mixed Semi Grid

2016 Sunday Open Consolation/Championship Grid






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