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Located at Concord Pacific Place, Creekside Park and the waters of False Creek, near Science World. Nearest SkyTrain Station is Science World. Intersection of Quebec Street and Terminal Avenue in Vancouver.

Concord Pacific Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival

Join us at the Concord Pacific Fan Zone to watch all of the races throughout the weekend. This seated area offers a great view of the finish line and is conveniently located close to the beverage garden and food truck area. You can find the Concord Pacific Fan Zone in the North- East corner of False Creek. Come and cheer on your favourite teams!

2017 Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival June 23-25

2016 Feature Races Included:

Friday, June 17

Survivor Showdown – Abreast In A Boat vs. Butts In A Boat – 6:30PM
A challenge between prostate and breast cancer survivors.  Cheer on these two amazing teams as they race and help build awareness for their causes.

Saturday, June 18

Concord Pacific Champions Race Series – 12:30 to 1:30PM

On Saturday, stop by the Dragon Boat Festival to watch elite athletes make waves on the water. From 12:30 to 1:30, the Concord Pacific Champions Race Series will highlight some of the best races the weekend has to offer.

Concord Pacific International Cup:
Cheer on our local premier teams as the take on challengers from Hong Kong, China and the United States in a series of three knockout races where the slowest team of each heat will be eliminated.

Roundhouse Radio – Grand Dragons Cup
Don’t let the name of this race fool you. These teams have been around the world and have the medals and experience to prove it.

Hostelling International – U24 Cup
These up and coming athletes are the future of the sport.  Many of these athletes are currently training to compete on the national and global level.

CIBC – Breast Cancer Survivor Race
A symbol of hope and display of strength on the water.  These teams continue to raise awareness for their cause while competing across the globe.

Featured Race

Goodlife Fitness Guts & Glory (Women) – 5:00PM
This 2km endurance race adds a staggered start, boat turns and the occasional collision to the race. It’s definitely a race that lives up to the title

Sunday, June 19

Championship Races – 12:00 onwards (all day)
The Championship races for the festival.  Watch teams as they leave everything on the water and compete for medals in their respective divisions.

Featured Race

Concord Pacific Guts & Glory – Mixed – 5:00PM
This 2km endurance race adds a staggered start, boat turns and the occasional collision to the race. Bragging rights are definitely on the line.


2016 Participating Teams

  • Abreast – Deas Divas
  • Abreast At Rocky Point
  • Abreast on False Creek Too
  • Abreast Up the Creek
  • Abreast with FORTitude
  • Arizona Gila Dragons
  • Bridge City Blitz Blue
  • Bridge City Blitz Gold
  • Bridge City Team Velocity Blue
  • Bridge City Team Velocity Gold
  • Britannia CAN Dragons
  • Britannia CC Have A Nice Day
  • CBC Wave Catchers
  • CCM Thunder
  • CDBC Crew Yahoo
  • Chawanda
  • CIBC One West
  • Columbia College CC Riders
  • Concord Flying Dragons Too
  • Concord Pacific Flying Dragons
  • Conquering Waves 1
  • Conquering Waves 2
  • Creakside Dragons
  • Creamy Rebels
  • Dogwood Nothin Dragon Black
  • Dogwood Nothin Dragon Red
  • Draggin’ Divas at Rocky Point
  • Dragin’ Tails
  • Dragon Hearts Breaker
  • Dragon Hearts Thunderbreaker
  • Dragon Hybrids
  • Dragon Ladies
  • Awesomenessess
  • The New Kids on the Boat
  • Dragon Zone One Direction
  • Dragon Zone Twisted Hips
  • DragonMax
  • Dragons In Sight
  • Dreadnought
  • DZ Premier
  • DZ Snaps
  • EDBRC – Dragon Boat Z
  • EDBRC Got Gainz
  • EDBRC Got Pho?
  • Eric Hamber Eternal Dragon
  • Eric Hamber Eternal Griffin
  • Eye of the Dragon
  • FCRCC Premier
  • FCRCC Sr C
  • FCRCC Sr C Women
  • FLCC Fast & Furious
  • FLCC Titanium
  • GD Senior B Women
  • GD Senior C Women
  • Golder Water Warriors
  • Gorging Dragons Senior C Mixed
  • Grandragons
  • Great Canadian Casino
  • GSS Gladiators
  • Guangzhou Open Team
  • Hastings Hydras
  • Hydro Dragons
  • Hong Kong National Open Team
  • In-Sync
  • Kai Ikaika
  • KDBC Dragon In The Drink
  • Kensington Knights
  • Killarney Torpedo Turtles
  • Kitsilano Water Demons
  • Knights and Dragonboats
  • Langara Ligers
  • Laoyam Eagles
  • Laoyam Falcons
  • Lincoln high dragon boat
  • Los Angeles Pink Dragons
  • Lotus Juniors
  • Magee Sea Lions
  • Magee Titanic
  • Metro Vancouver 44 Cheeks
  • MoveUP’s Making Waves
  • MT Promises
  • Nanaimo Hornets RFC
  • Native Education College
  • NAVY Dragon Anchors
  • Northern Spirit
  • O2P
  • OCC Weed Whackers
  • Ouroboros Platinum
  • Paddle Rangers
  • Paddlin’ Panthers
  • Pelican Briefs
  • Pemberton Bald Eagles
  • Prevailing Wins
  • ProbationNation
  • Quantum Blue A
  • Quantum Blue B
  • Raging Rebels
  • Raise a Little Swell
  • RGL United
  • RHS Flying Colts
  • Ripple Effect Dragon Boat Team
  • Riptide
  • Riverside Rapids
  • Saggin Dragons
  • San Francisco Bay Area Dragons
  • San Francisco Dragon Healers
  • Save on Food Dragonslayers
  • Sea++
  • Sistership Dragon Boat Association
  • Snapdragons
  • Sowers Friend
  • Spirit of Fraser Valley
  • Stantec Splash
  • Starbucks Club SAKE
  • Starbucks Club SAKE Women
  • Starbucks Waverunners
  • Strathcona Youth Dragons
  • Sudden Impact Black
  • Sunrise Dragon Boat
  • Swordfish
  • Sync or Swim
  • TCC Dragoneers
  • Team LifeScan
  • Team STORM
  • The Eh Team
  • The Eh Team Women
  • Toro
  • UBC Lightning
  • UBC Thunder
  • UC San Diego
  • VO2Max
  • VT Conquest
  • VT Juice
  • WAM
  • Wasabi Force
  • Wasabi Grand Masters Mixed
  • Wasabi Impact Women
  • Wasabi Kraken
  • Wyvern Warriors
  • Youth Over Board
  • Youth Over Board Alpha
  • Zamboanga Aquarockets
  • Zamboanga Paddling Club


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