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Race Volunteers

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Volunteering Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in joining the 600 generous volunteers who contributed over 5000 hours of service to the Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival Society’s many initiatives. The Festival, as our largest event, needs the most volunteers, but we also run paddling programs throughout the year and these programs require a number of committed volunteers.

Concord Pacific Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival: June 23 – 25 2017

Additional Races:
Junior Regatta – May 13, 2017
Spring Sprint – May 14, 2017
500m Regatta – June 10-11, 2017
Steveston Dragon Boat Festival – August 26, 2017

Legacy Gala – June 22, 2017
Paddler Party – (4 to 10 pm), June 25, 2017

Applications are accepted based on:

  • The number of volunteer positions available
  • The stated availability to volunteer
  • Applicable skills, knowledge and experience

Registration for Returning Volunteers

Returning volunteers must register again each year; re-acceptance is not automatic.
Thank you again for your interest in volunteering for the Concord Pacific Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival.

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Get Your Employees Involved

Gone are the days when employee volunteerism was thought of as fluff, an afterthought, or a nice gesture.

Research shows that employee volunteerism has many advantages including:

  • Improves corporate image and relations with stakeholders through positioning as a leader in giving back at the local and national level.
  • Develops and enhances employees’ professional and leadership skills.
  • Supports specific business functions, most often in the areas of human resources and external relations.
  • Boosts employee morale, team building, loyalty, productivity, motivation
  • Attracts new hires, especially recent graduates.
  • Builds stronger communities by addressing social issues.
  • Illustrates organizational values in action.Reaches more clients and increases sales and therefore has a positive impact on profitability.

Demonstrates corporate support for activities that allow employees to:

  • Spend quality time with their family
  • Be a positive role model and provide learning opportunities for children
  • Educate their families about their workplace, co-workers and the importance of good corporate citizenship
  • Leverages contribution dollars and therefore enhances the impact of financial contributions.

If you believe your employees can benefit from a planned volunteer program, we’d love to hear from you.

The Volunteer Team

Festival Volunteers

Festival Volunteers work primarily providing excellent customer service throughout the site. Festival Volunteer duties include:

  • greeting customers and providing accurate information
  • checking passes
  • selling merchandise
  • helping to set up and run various activities, such as children’s crafts or paddler games
  • assisting entertainers
  • VIP/Sponsor services

A smaller number help us before the festival with leadership activities such as organization, administrative, coordination, and social media.

  • leadership roles organizing the festival
  • working with media
  • organizing teams of volunteers
  • organizing programs such as those for children, sponsors, or adult paddlers
  • assisting with volunteer registration and data entry
  • working at an information desk
  • providing technical set-up or strike support
  • working with our VIPs and Sponsors

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Race Volunteers

Race Volunteers are assigned to work specifically with the dragon boat teams on-water, on the docks, at paddler meeting areas, and in Racer’s Village.  Volunteers are assigned to their stations at the start of each race day and training will be provided at the beginning of each shift.  Though there are a number of tasks to be performed, the majority of work is down on the docks, supervising the loading and unloading of paddlers safely into and out of the dragon boats.

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Volunteer Appreciation BBQ

Every year we have a special party to celebrate our volunteers and their contributions. Come on down for food, fun and door prizes.

Date: June 2017, TBD
Time: 5:00pm – 10:00pm
Place: Creekside Community Centre gymnasium!

Tickets available at volunteer services and includes BBQ and a beverage.

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